Known for her expertise and genuine, down to earth delivery of difficult content, Alena utilises a blended learning approach that's engaging, accessible and enjoyable.

"The key is to tailor each program, so it fits the style and needs of the participants... It's an absolute joy to fight against the traditionally stale professional development experiences we've come to expect. We're raising the bar. There's no reason our PL can't feel fresh and welcoming whilst also providing us with the opportunity for significant growth. 

Also holding the title of National Consultant Trainer for Youth and Teen Programs at Mental Health First Aid Australia, Alena facilitates the training that accredits educators to facilitate MHFA courses. You can't get much more experienced than that!

Alena has become a respected voice in mental health education, with an expertise in youth mental health. An experienced educator with over a decade within the field, Alena draws from her numerous qualifications within the fields of Education, the Arts and Language she has worked both internationally and domestically in range of professional and community settings including mainstream and special needs educational facilities and within the pediatric ward of a major Sydney hospital.

Alena aligns her personal mission with that of BLLC in looking
towards actively breaking down stigma around mental illness and
championing the improved support, early detection and treatment of
mental health illnesses in our community.
She prides herself on providing relevant and significant learning
opportunities for each participant she engages with by creating
tailored, industry specific and down to earth training events that
people genuinely want to be a part of.

A simple philosophy

Mental health training programs don't need to be to be dry and uncomfortable. It's empowering and uplifting to know that you're learning something that will make you capable of better creating an environment that promotes understanding, and frankly can very easily save a life. 

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