Peta Dampney

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  • Head of Online Learning BLLC

  • Principal Master Instructor

  • Instructor Development Advisor @ Mental Health First Aid Australia.


Peta provides training across Australia, overseeing our Queensland facilitation and is our Head of Online Learning

She is an experienced and skilled facilitator who creates a fun, engaging and interactive learning environment who regularly has been a regular guest presenter on ABC Radio and is an active media spokesperson for a variety of 

of mental health, suicide prevention and the role of lived experience expertise in research, planning and implementation of projects and services.

Peta regularly presents at national mental health and suicide prevention conferences and has contributed to the development of suicide prevention projects and initiatives with The Black Dog Institute and Everymind. Peta is currently working on a project with the Queensland Mental Health Commission to encourage individuals to engage with mental health and alcohol and other drugs services. In addition to her roles as an Instructor and as an Advisor with MHFA Australia, Peta also assists Roses in the Ocean (a Brisbane based national suicide prevention lived experience organisation) by supporting participants in their preparation to attend courses throughout Australia.


As a former high school teacher, Peta's energy and positivity are second to none, her good humour, down to earth nature and unrivalled skill base is a genuine example of the BLLC approach to successful learning and modern Professional development.

Greg Pankhurst

Mature Man
  • Clinical Consultant BLLC

  • Clinical Psychologist at Life Time Psychology Solutions


Greg provides clinical consultation training and bespoke psychological services at BLLC.

A qualified Clinical Psychologist with 25 years of experience, working in mental health education and treatment, Greg's teaching and support are informed and refined. 

Greg has extensive experience working in crisis counselling, workplace consulting, couple and family therapy as well as supporting clients through private psychology practice. And has provided mental health education to firefighters, police, corporate sector, government and community sector employees.

An inclusive, friendly and humorous trainer, Greg's presentations are informed by his broad experience in clinical psychology and his extensive adult education background.

Training and Facilitation Talent

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Knowing a textbook inside out is impressive, but it's good for nothing if you don't know how to apply the learning. 

For that reason, the BLLC training and facilitation team offer a varied skill set coming from a range of backgrounds, including mental health experts,  psychologists, counsellors, registered nurses (RN), doctors and qualified educators.

We know it's not enough to know what you teach. You need to know whom you're teaching. BLLC's Facilitators are matched to suit our client's specific needs so that clinical information and real-life application are a constant and effortless narrative through each training session.