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A little insider info...

BLLC assisted in the initial developmental trial of the MHFA Conversations About Gambling program and delivered the inaugural training for the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling.

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Best practice startes by breaking down the most unhelpful myth-ininformation. 

The 4-hour Mental Health First Aid Conversations about Gambling course teach you how to identify, approach and support someone experiencing gambling harm using a practical, evidence based action plan.

This course is based on guidelines developed through the expert consensus of people with lived experience of mental health problems and professionals.

Course overview

Learn about the risk factors, signs, symptoms and motivations of gambling problems, how to approach someone about their gambling problems, how relapse might affect someone with gambling problems, and how to manage your own self-care.

You will also have the opportunity to practice your new skills in a safe environment.

 Key course learning points:


  • How to approach someone about their gambling problems

  • The risk factors, signs and symptoms and motivations which may underpin gambling problems

  • How relaps might affect someone with gambling problems

  • How to manage your own self-care when helping someone with gambling problems


What can my team and I expect from this accreditation?

This program will allow the opportunity for every participant to practice new skills in a safe environment and apply the key learning points.

Evaluations consistently show that MHFA training is associated with improved knowledge of mental illnesses, their treatments and appropriate first aid strategies, and confidence in providing first aid to individuals with mental illness. It is also associated with decreased stigma and an increase in help provided over time

Am I eligible?

Any interested adult can attend. 

It’s also important to know that there is no prerequisite level of study or work to attend, just as there is no restriction on attending a traditional physical first aid course.

With that in mind, please don't consider this course to be a therapy or support group session. This is an education course, to learn how to give first aid to others, and is not a therapy or support group.

Accreditation & CPD Points


On completion of this course, many professionals may be able to claim attendance towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within their industry body. Please check with your relevant industry body or BLLC if you are unsure of allocation points.​



Course Structure & Inclusions


At BLLC we pride ourselves on working with each organisation to find and create the perfect structure for course delivery.

This is a specialty course is delivered as:

  • 4 hours - A single session

Course participants will receive:

  • The highest leave of professional accredited facilitation

  • A copy of the most current Conversations About Gambling Manual

  • Additional industry-relevant  supplement manuals and resources- where required

  • Ongoing post-training support and MHFA counselling for MHFA officers

  • A Certificate of Completion