Hi, I'm Alena.

I’m proud to present our 6 week online course, a true first of it’s kind.

I teach newly accredited female teachers the real life skills they need to not only survive, but excel beyond their expectations and demand respect during their first years within the education industry.

  Get Respected 6 Weeks to Owning Your  

  First Years of Teaching  


How to Establish and Grow a Thriving Teaching Career Without Being Bullied Out,
the Constant Overwhelm or the Spirit Crushing Question,

“What the Hell Have I Gotten Myself Into?”

In this Program, you’ll learn:


The Major Mindset Shift & Psychological Hacks that all successful new female teachers
need to adopt in 2019 and beyond.


Key Communication & Influence Techniques to master that allow you to hold your own           
and quickly position yourself as a force to be respected.


The Most Simple and Effective Tools for Marketing and Self Promotion that dramatically cuts
out lag time between landing jobs and position advances.



The Single MOST Effective Way to Get RESPECTED as the young professional you are and
why you MUST know this from the off set to
stay motivated through

your beginning years of teaching.

We’re about to shake up the education industry in a BIG way

Whether you’ve been telling yourself just to stick it out whilst simply waiting for it “to be alright”, or struggling to make it through a single day where you don’t doubt your ability and wonder if you’ve wasted years of study and tens of thousands of dollars on a career that seems to be kicking the passion out of you… 2019 can be the big self-defining, life altering year you’ve been waiting for.

You know your content, and all the structural formalities but they're not the challenges that push our passionate, talented teachers out of the game. For those who are willing to invest in themselves and tackle the real lessons that they won’t teach you at uni, let alone talk about there is NOTHING but success ahead of you.

If you’ve got what it takes, join me to become exquisitely prepared in what it actually takes to establish and grow a thriving teaching career and leave a few jaws on the floor whilst you do it.

This Program is a Must Attend if…

  • You’re a soon-to-be educator or FOU -Fresh Outta Uni- who wants to get your mindset and battle cry right the first time and learn the smart way, not the hard way.

  • You’re an existing educator in your first few years struggling with overwhelm, not being taken seriously and is questioning your ability make it in a vocation you're so passionate about.

  • You’re an existing educator who wants to develop as a strong, influential and admired professional but can feel your momentum slipping and need support from experts who won’t feed you BS!

A Personal Invitation From Alena...

" In a way, I've been building this online course since the day I was told my plan navy pumps were ‘provocative and unprofessional’ by a senior teacher wearing short shorts."


In this first of its kind 6 week program, I draw from over a decade of experience as a teacher and expert Mental Health educator, and successful business owner to work directly with you boldly confronting all the realities they don’t teach you about at university- otherwise known as, 'all the things you actually need to know'!

I’ve been there. I know the soul-destroying doubt and that can manifest when the support systems around you aren’t supportive at all. When the constant barrage of unprovoked challenges make you begin to question your ability as a teacher and worse than that, as an intelligent, competent young woman.


I’ve complied the exact ingredients that separates a madly influential teacher that radiates confidence and joy from another who is constantly questing their abilities, doesn’t know when or how to speak up and tells themselves that the struggle and pain they are experiencing is necessary.


This first of its kind program is a culmination of my experience from well over a decade of experience as a teacher, an expert Mental Health Educator and the powerful strategies I've used to build a

6 figure training company.


If you’re committed to making 2019 a year that defined you, that helped to shape the person you want to be, the opportunity is quite literary staring you in the face and I can’t wait to help you.

 Can't wait to start working with you! 



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Completing OUR YOUTH MHFA COURSE will contribute 12 hours and 30 minutes of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing  standards from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.