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Bond or Bean?

You have something specific in your mind, but you're not sure where to start. Your team, students or challenges are unique, and none of the stock online courses feels right. 


After over a decade in the industry, we can assure you this is a common scenario for many organisations. Sometimes it's difficult to choose from an over-elaborate menu or find simply the time required for our standardised accredited courses.


Maybe there's a specific task, skill, technique that your team needs to develop right away. Still, you can't find any professional development courses that will meet that need, and you have no intention of throwing money and time out the window. We hear you. 


When it comes to something as specific as mental health education, "one size doesn't fit all". Frankly, there is a stark difference between quality programs written by educators and salespeople. As stark as the difference between James Bond's tailored Armani suit and Mr Bean's- there is a difference, and people see it immediately. Quality programs are no different. That's where our experience comes in.

At BLLC, we have extensive experience designing the perfect in-house training programs that seamlessly fit your bespoke training requirement. Our training programs are customised for each of our amazing clients, reflecting the style and values each unique organisation represents, happily married to your targeted curriculum.  


Why is BLLC different?

It's simple, you don't want to waste time or money, and neither do we.


We are qualified educators and psychologists with years of experience, far from 'side hustle Sally' who's printed a few business cards and charging ridiculous amounts of money- we've seen it all.

Over the years, we have developed and refined the concept of bespoke course delivery. Based on your specific requirements, we meticulously develop programs from as little as one hour, to suit your needs at a realistic, affordable price point. Our course structures and delivery adhere to Australian clinical standards and recommended guidelines for mental health education. By delivering only practical, evidence-based content, our training is not only cost-effective but is also medical accuracy and ensures the mental and emotional safety of participants.


Never roll out a stale template - Bespoke is about finding a personalised solution. What sets us apart from other training bodies is the application and the way we deliver our training. We're not a large multi-national company, and for that reason, we able to create genuine relationships and provide personalised service.  


Engaging curriculum - Mental health programs address serious topics and provide an opportunity to acquire life-saving skills. The skill of your educator is vital.  We deliver significant, relevant learning opportunities for each participant in an engaging, personable, good-humoured manner that has resulted in our training being renowned for making clinical information accessible, challenging content unintimidating in environments that promote empowerment.


World-class instructors - Being able to teach adults effectively requires more than simply being an adult. BLLC's team is well known for their expertise in education and psychology, talents that ensure quality learning for members of the public, community groups, government departments, educational organisation and school students of all ages and backgrounds. In short, our team are leaders.


Experience across the globe - We've travelled across Australia and internationally to both teach and learn. Keeping our eyes across industry trends and shifts means our teaching is always moving with the tide of current information and practice. 


Maximum ROI - Since we have an industry-proven approach and wealth of experience, our bespoke training programs are focused on delivering maximum return on your investment. 

"They (BLLC) take a genuine interest in what we want to achieve & over deliver everytime we engage their training services."

Julia G

We offer support and guidance, no matter how specialised your organisation is.

When a free internet download or 'teach us what you learnt' PL event is not the best solution for your team ( and honestly, when

is it?) Bespoke is the answer.


Designing your program curriculum to fit seamlessly into the logistical needs, negates any doubt about whether the training is going to be relevant and beneficial for your employees, making the outcome of staff evaluations and reports easily anticipated.


If your organisation requires training for 5 or 500, we delivered high-value each and every time. 

If your ready to stop 'hoping' that your time and effort has been spent wisely, have a chat with us today about how we can help you build capacity and strength within your team.